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Effective Date: This document was last updated on Januar 3, 2020.

General Remarks
1. By using the services of KiwiQuest Ltd., you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.
2. KiwiQuest Ltd. provides support and services for young travellers. We operate under international law.
3. KiwiQuest Ltd. offers several different services related to travelling to and within New Zealand. We also cooperate with different partners in New Zealand. These are third-party offers and therefore subject to different Terms and Conditions. Please refer to the section below for further information.
4. The Terms and Conditions as published on our website kiwiquest.de apply. Changes will be communicated in a fast and transparent manner.
5. Should a part of these Terms and Conditions be void, the remaining clauses continue to apply.

1. We strive to ensure that all content published on our website is correct and up to date. However, KiwiQuest Ltd. is not liable for any changes that may take place between the time of writing content and reading it.
2. Throughout this website you may encounter links to external websites which are not under the control of KiwiQuest Ltd. We have no influence on the nature, content and availability of these websites and therefore are not accountable. Linking to external website does in no way indicate that we share similar views with, endorse or recommend these websites.
3. Information published on our website is for general information purposes only. You choose to rely on this information strictly at your own risk.

1. We aim to keep our website running smoothly at all times. However, due to unforeseen circumstances or technical issues beyond our control you may occasionally encounter our services being temporarily unavailable. KiwiQuest Ltd. takes no responsibility and will not be liable for times this occurs.
2. KiwiQuest Ltd. is not accountable for the availability of external websites we may occasionally link to. You acknowledge and accept that we neither have control over the content they provide nor their resources. In no way does KiwiQuest endorse external websites nor their content, advertising products, services or any other material available from these sites.

Your privacy matters! We only collect information from you when you use our site. This information is in no way identifying you as a person. We do collect data solely for the purpose of personalizing your experience, to improve our website and to promote relevant content.

1. From time to time we may use non-personally identifiable cookies so we can remember and understand your visiting patterns and safe your preferences for future visits. This will also help us feature products and services that are relevant to you.
2. By using cookies, KiwiQuest Ltd. does not gain access to any personally identifiable information about our visitors.
3. We use Google Analytics to help us improve our website and Google AdSense to customize advertisement across various online channels.
4. We use Facebook Pixel to customize advertisement across Facebook.
5. We never store, sell, trade or transfer personally identifiable information in any other way to outside parties. However, from time to time we may provide non-personally identifiable information about our visitors to third parties for marketing purposes.
6. You have the right at any time to disable, remove or delete cookies. Simply follow the instructions from your web browser on how to do so.

Third Party Offers
1. To offer you a unique travel experience and help you make the most of your adventure, we collaborate with carefully selected third-party providers.
2. KiwiQuest Ltd. cannot be held responsible for further costs, fees or damages resulting from third-party offers on our website.
3. We recommend you carefully read the Terms and Conditions of each third-party provider before deciding on whether to use their services or not.
4. Special-reuqests, custom-changes or additions to the services of these third-party providers must be communicated directly to the third-party provider. Either directly with the teams on site or before arrival via email/phone.

Payment Options
1. Unless otherwise stated, payments to KiwiQuest Ltd. can be made securely via bank transfer, Paypal or credit card. We accept all major credit cards including Visa and MasterCard.
2. All credit card payments are processed via stripe.com. Your credit card details are encrypted and will never be stored on our servers, nor are they in any way accessible to us other than to process your booking.
3. By booking any of our services, you agree to our supported methods of payment at the time of your purchase.

1. We always aim to give you the best possible experience by providing you with high quality products and services. However, due to unforeseen circumstances we can never completely rule out problems or misunderstandings.
2. Should you have any issues, problems or concerns regarding a product or service that KiwiQuest Ltd. has provided, please contact us immediately so we can work on finding a suitable solution that satisfies all parties involved.
3. Defamatory comments whether through word of mouth or on any public channels such as social media, websites and blogs will be prosecuted if they threaten our business reputation.
4. KiwiQuest Ltd. does not tolerate any abusive, insulting, dangerous or antisocial behaviour. This will result in the termination of your contract and we will be unable to offer you our products and services in the future. Furthermore, you will forfeit your right to a refund and will have no claim against KiwiQuest Ltd.
5. We reserve the right to ask anyone who is deliberately not complying by these rules or causing any sort of trouble to leave our networks.

Risk Factor
1. By making a booking with KiwiQuest Ltd. you acknowledge that due to the nature of travel there is always a certain level of personal risk involved. Whether these risks arise due to cultural, political or geographical factors, they may present dangers and physical challenges out of the ordinary.
2. We always undertake an assessment with all information available to us to determine whether an activity or service can operate according to schedule. There may be cases where due to safety regards we may have to change your itinerary, alter or cancel products and services that have already been booked and paid for.
3. However, despite all safety precautions there may still be a possible risk due to the nature of an activity or service. It is your responsibility to take reasonable steps to keep yourself safe from harm at all time. You acknowledge that risk factors while travelling can never be truly ruled out and you accept that dangers may be present throughout your travels.
4. KiwiQuest Ltd. cannot be held responsible for any incidents that occur while you are under the influence of alcohol nor any illegal substance. If you choose to consume alcohol or illegal substances at any time during your trip, you acknowledge and accept that your own safety and that of your belongings is entirely your responsibility.

1. KiwiQuest Ltd. cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or inconvenience as a result of products or services offered through third-party providers. This includes airlines, tour operators, accommodation providers and vendors that offer vehicles to rent or purchase.
2. KiwiQuest Ltd. cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or inconvenience as a result of global or national travel restrictions, health regulations or changes to a countries laws and legislations.
3. Should you encounter any disputes with said third-party providers, we will take reasonable steps to help you solve any arising dispute.
4. KiwiQuest Ltd. is not liable for personal injury, death, damage, loss, accident or delay which may be the result of vehicle defects or faulty behaviour of any company or person attributed with carrying out arrangements of your tour or otherwise in connection with it.

1. We aim to make our terms and conditions as transparent and comprehensible as possible. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately.
2. The above outlined Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time and without prior notice. We will, however, notify our customers of any changes in a fast and transparent manner.
3. It is the duty and responsibility of any user to read, understand and agree with these terms and conditions before using any of our services.

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