Terms and Conditions Partner-Programm [EN]

KiwiQuest OÜ

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10151 Tallinn

Reg 14699417
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E-Mail: team@kiwiquest.de

Effective Date: This document was last updated on March 1, 2023.

Rules for Usage
1. The partner is allowed to use the partner links provided by KiwiQuest OÜ to bring potential customers’ attention to KiwiQuest’s offerings through recommendations.
2. It is not allowed to make false promises, lie, exaggerate, or pressure others to make a booking while making a recommendation.
3. Usage in connection with spamming, phishing, or scamming is not allowed.
4. Usage in connection with illegal, pornographic, or obscene content is not allowed.
5. The partner links cannot be used to book or use KiwiQuest’s offerings for oneself. This includes booking or using through a third party.
6. In case of a violation of these rules, KiwiQuest reserves the right to terminate participation in the program and withhold any unpaid commissions until then.

Compensation and Billing
1. For each successful referral resulting from clicking on the provided partner links, the partner will receive a one-time compensation.
2. A referral is considered successful once a customer has paid for and utilized a booked product or service.
3. The amount of compensation is tied to the referred offer and can be viewed publicly at any time on the partner program page (kiwiquest.de/angebote/partner-program). KiwiQuest reserves the right to adjust the amount of compensation per offer but is obligated to inform the partner of such changes in a timely manner with justification.
4. The compensation includes the proportional value-added tax and will be transferred to the partner’s specified account or Paypal address. The recipient of the compensation is responsible for any applicable final taxation.
5. Compensation billing is done by the end of the following month, but not before the end customer’s billing with KiwiQuest has been processed.

1. By participating in the KiwiQuest partner program, the partner agrees to the conditions mentioned here.
2. The partner is not liable in any form for the offers provided by KiwiQuest.
3. The partner can terminate participation in the KiwiQuest partner program at any time and, apart from the aforementioned rules, has no obligations towards KiwiQuest.



Terms & Conditions


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