Campervans for Work and Travel in New Zealand: The safe way to buy Work and Travel in Neuseeland
Campervans for Work and Travel in New Zealand: The safe way to buy Work and Travel in Neuseeland

Campervans for Work and Travel in New Zealand: The safe way to buy

Premium cars and campervans from local businesses in New Zealand

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Information and Procedure

Everything about this offer can be found below. If you have any questions, feel free to write us.

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  1. Highlights

    Travel Ready

    Your vehicle will be ready to hit the road upon your arrival.
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    Vehicles Medium Camper and bigger are self-contained.
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    Additional safety in case something got overlooked.
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    Your safety net when selling your vehicle during off-season.
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    WOF & REGO

    Current Warrant of Fitness and Vehicle Registration.
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    Trusted Companies

    Only reliable and trustworthy providers.
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    How will I know whether the offer is right for me?

    In the end, the decision is up to you.

    Generally, over the past 5 years we have come to the following conclusion:

    No, the offer won’t be right for you if…
    … you prefer exploring the New Zealand car market yourself and want to experience this as part of your travel journey. This means you don’t mind spending time on looking for and comparing offers, negotiating prices, undertaking vehicle check-ups at the garage and generally informing yourself about topics such as dangers and traps when buying a vehicle in New Zealand.

    Yes, the offer is right for you if…
    … you prefer hitting the road in a reliable vehicle straight after your arrival in New Zealand. This means that you’re not all that comfortable with looking for suitable vehicles, don’t have much knowledge when it comes things such as mechanics around cars and would much rather be safe than sorry. If that is you, then our offer is probably perfect for you.

    Our experience?
    We have tried purchasing vehicles both ways, going through a reputable dealer and finding a vehicle ourselves. In our experience, the latter is always the more stressful option and leaves a lot of backpackers frustrated and with financial losses. However, it can be a meaningful experience for some.

  2. Pictures and Impressions

    Which is the perfect model for your New Zealand adventure?

    Model Overview

    This is an overview of all the categories available to you. All our models have sufficient room to sleep at least 2 people and come fully configured, with all necessary licenses, safety checks, guarantees and equipment for when you’re on the road.

    Budget Camper
    Light Camper
    Medium Camper Basic
    Medium Camper Basic
    Medium Camper Plus
    Large Camper Basic
    Large Camper Plus
    Large Camper Plus

    Live Impressions

    Are you ready for your home on wheels? Below are a few examples of how your vehicle may look like. Of course, the model you are being presented with may differ from these pictures because our mechanics on site have to work with the models that are currently available.

    Autos und Camper in Neuseeland kaufen work and travel
    Beispielbild - Modell: Light Camper (Infos beachten)
    Autos und Camper in Neuseeland kaufen work and travel
    Beispielbild - Modell: Light Camper (Infos beachten)
    Autos und Camper in Neuseeland kaufen work and travel
    Beispielbild - Modell: Medium Camper (Infos beachten)
    Beispielbild - Modell: Medium Camper (Infos beachten)
    Autos und Camper in Neuseeland kaufen work and travel
    Beispielbild - Modell: Large Camper (Infos beachten)
    Beispielbild - Modell: Large Camper (Infos beachten)
    About the above shown sample pictures
    Just to avoid misunderstandings: The pictures shown above are only samples of what your vehicle may roughly look like. They are a general guidance only. The look and size of your actual vehicle may differ depending on what’s currently available on the vehicle market when your request is being processed by our local mechanics.

    Especially during peak season, bigger models are harder to come by. Should that be the case, then we will choose a smaller model which, however, will be in much better shape.

  3. Configurations and Equipment

    For traveling comfortably, safely and with good music :-)

    Highlight 1 – The Camper Kit

    Our Camper Kit includes everything you need to live in and travel by car. That saves you plenty of time having to spend hours looking for the right equipment once you’ve purchased your vehicle. Instead, you can start straight into your adventure. Sweet as!

    A short overview:

    • kitchen
    • car stereo
    • portable toilet
    • water tanks and sink
    • gas cooker with cartridges
    • cutlery, crockery and cooking utensils
    • bedding, blankets and pillows

    Highlight 2 – Bed Modifications

    All vehicles offer sufficient space to comfortably sleep 2 people. This sleeping space can easily be converted into seating space so you don’t have to worry about where to sit or sleep at night which saves you heaps of money on accommodation cost.

    Included in our bed modification is:

    • A comfortable mattress
    • bedding and linen
    • curtains for more privacy
    About the seating space

    All vehicles are modified to fit 2 people. If you need additional seats we possibly have to charge extra fees because further, more complicated modifications are necessary.

    Autos und Camper in Neuseeland kaufen work and travel
    Bettumbau mit Liegefläche (Infos beachten)
    Autos und Camper in Neuseeland kaufen work and travel
    Bettumbau mit Toilette (Infos beachten)
    Autos und Camper in Neuseeland kaufen work and travel
    Bettumbau als Sitzgelegenheit (Infos beachten)
    Autos und Camper in Neuseeland kaufen work and travel
    Bettumbau mit Stauraum (Infos beachten)
    About the above shown sample pictures
    Just to avoid misunderstandings: The pictures shown above are only samples of what the inside of your vehicle may roughly look like. They are a general guidance only. Each modification is made individually as per request and may differ between vehicle model and garage.
  4. Extras

    The most comprehensive offer for German backpackers in New Zealand.

    Highlight 1 – The Buyback Option

    At the end of your travels you have the option of selling your vehicle back to the garage you originally purchased it from. That gives you the guarantee that you won’t have to go home empty-handed which would be a sad ending to your adventure.

    How does the buyback work?
    Generally, the conditions for our buyback option will differ from garage to garage. However, each garage has to offer you the option of buying back your vehicle and will try their best to pay you as much as possible of your original purchase price.

    How much will you get?
    The buyback option is a safety net for backpackers who are unable to re-sell their vehicle before returning home. All the garages we work with will try their best to return up to 50% of your original purchase price, however, that greatly depends on the shape your car is in upon returning it as well as other current circumstances. We recommend to only use the buyback option as a last resort.

    You will definitely make more money by selling your vehicle on to other backpackers. That is what most KiwiQuesters do anyway.

    Highlight 2 – The Breakdown Warranty

    All of our partner garages offer a so-called breakdown warranty. That means you are covered for the event that our mechanics missed anything during their mechanical safety check. Sexy!

    This is probably our most favourite feature of everything we offer. We had to fight a long time to get it and you won’t find this with any other provider. Yay!

    What does the breakdown warranty include?
    Covered is any damage to the engine and transmission or gear box. If your car stops working due to faults, you are all sorted.

    What does the breakdown warranty NOT cover?
    Any damage to the vehicle interior as well as damage caused by an act of nature beyond our control (such as stone-chipping on the windscreen) are not covered. After all, that is clearly not the fault of any mechanic.

    Is the warranty limited?
    Yes it is. After all, nobody can guarantee a lifelong flatrate on repairs. If you’re driving up and down New Zealand’s mountains for months on end, even the most perfect vehicle will have signs of wear and tear.

    Therefore, any operational warranty will always be limited to keep things fair for the garage.

    Highlight 3 – The Self-Contained Certificate

    Especially when you’re planning a longer trip through New Zealand, it pays to invest in a vehicle that is self-contained. The certificate allows you to enjoy freedom camping so you don’t have to keep paying fees for campgrounds.

    Self-Contained Calculator Pick number of Days

    Do you have any more questions? Sweet! Get in touch with:
    The mighty Team KiwiQuest!

  5. Deposit (415 €)

    To keep it fair and safe for all parties involved. Each vehicle takes about 40 hours to prepare (modification, customer service, mechanical checks, repairs etc) to ensure it’s safe and in perfect condition to drive upon pickup.

    We tried working without deposits for a long time.

    This is what happened:
    After our local guys compared vehicles, purchased, repaired and reserved vehicles, the people originally interested simply didn’t show up. Without saying a word. We can’t tolerate that.

    To ensure that each request is being made in honest, we need to ask for a deposit.

    Important to know:
    You DO NOT have to purchase the vehicle when you arrive in New Zealand. Come around and have a good look at it, then make a decision. If you end up not buying it, your entire deposit will be refunded.

    This way things stay fair for everyone involved.

    Some providers ask for a deposit of up to 50% of the purchase price. We certainly didn’t think that was fair. At the same time, we have to design our offer fair and safe for you and our partners in New Zealand. 415 € just seems a good amount to keep it that way.
    Create a Moment (KiwiQuest) will invoice you for 415 € which is the deposit for your vehicle. It’s also a payment for organisation and planning.

    Important to know:
    You would also have to pay a deposit with any other garage in New Zealand while trying to purchase a vehicle. However, usually those deposits are a lot higher. Always be sceptical and ask about whether there is a refund and what the deposit is actually being used for.

    What happens with my deposit if I choose not to purchase the vehicle?

    If you don’t want to purchase the vehicle after you have inspected it, your entire deposit will be refunded if you have booked the deposit-protection.

    No obligation to buy:

    It’s a popular thing to do among vehicle dealers in New Zealand: They take your deposit and simply keep it if you don’t buy. Even if the vehicle they provide you with is nothing like what you had ordered or expected.

    We do not want to support these business methods!

    We function as middleman between you and the garage to avoid these scams from happening.

    If you chose not to purchase the vehicle after inspecting it, simply get in touch with us. We refund your entire deposit and sort out the rest.

    Further Information:

    Fair is fair: If you don't show up at the arranged pick-up time without giving us any notice, you forfeit your right to have your deposit refunded. Many people will have invested their time and energy into your vehicle for nothing. We can't tolerate that.

    Are there any hidden catches regarding the refund of my deposit?


    If you decide not to buy the vehicle, you will get a full refund of your deposit if you have booked the deposit-protection. You don’t need to give a reason and you don’t need to justify your decision (even though we’d appreciate your feedback so we can work better next time). There are no special clauses or hidden catches. The offer is always non-binding.

    So if there is anything you are not happy with, simply get in touch, we refund your money and will sort out the rest with the garage.

    Will I get a receipt as a security?

    Yes. Once you pay the deposit you get a normal receipt as with any other purchase.

    The receipt gives you and us clarity and security. Mainly for you, so you can proof any time that you have paid the deposit. It’s always better to have a document like this.

    In addition, there will be an official contract of purchase that will explain everything in detail. You only have to sign this once you have actually seen the vehicle and taken it for a test drive.

    Be aware of companies that ask you to sign such a contract before you even get to inspect the vehicle!

  6. The Process

    Step 1 – Your Request

    After you complete and submit your request we’ll take a good look at it. We’ll answer any potential questions you might have and make sure no vital information is missing. Then we check if any of our partner garages in New Zealand has the capacity to prepare the vehicle according to your needs.

    Once everything is sorted, we continue with step 2.

    Step 2 – Space

    If everything looks like it’s going to work out, we will reserve a space for you. That means you can rest assured that a vehicle is being prepared for you. However, at this point your request is still non-obligatory, meaning you can withdraw at any time.

    Once your space is reserved, we proceed with step 3.

    Step 3 – Deposit

    Once we have confirmation from at least one of our partner workshops, we will contact you again regarding the deposit. Once paid, our mechanics will start looking for a suitable vehicle and undertake all necessary modifications, repairs and safety checks (but no earlier than 4 weeks before your arrival). You won’t have to worry about a thing and don’t have to waste time in New Zealand running around looking for a vehicle that suits you.

    After that, we move on to Step 4.

    Step 4 – Pickup

    The day has finally come, you have arrived in New Zealand. Your vehicle will be ready for pickup at the specified date and time. Take your time to inspect it thoroughly and decide whether you’d like to purchase it or not. Our mechanics on site will help answer your questions and take you through the process.

    Now all that’s left is for you to start your New Zealand adventure. Have fun!

  7. Frequently Asked Questions

    What other KiwiQuesters wanted to know…

    Is my request binding?

    No. We’ll just reserve a spot for you. Once you have paid the deposit which is required about a month before your arrival, then your request becomes semi-binding.
    Semi, because you still have the right to withdraw from your purchase once you have inspected the vehicle in New Zealand. The choice is yours.

    Where can I pick up my vehicle?

    All vehicles are sold in Auckland only. You will receive details about exact location of our garage via email once your request has been processed.

    What do I do if my car has any issues or gets damaged?

    Whenever you notice any kind of damage or fault with your vehicle, get in touch with our partner garage in New Zealand straight away. Then we’ll figure out how to proceed. You are covered for many things through our breakdown warranty, but we’ll need to establish the reason for the damage first.

    Where can I re-sell my car at the end of my journey?

    If you’re wanting to make use of our buyback option, this can only be done in Auckland. However, you are welcome to sell your car yourself anywhere in New Zealand.

    If I purchase the car, how do I pay for the rest?

    You have 2 options to do so:

    Option 1: cash (not possible with all partners)
    Using an Eftpos card in New Zealand only allows you to withdraw up to NZ$800 per day from any bank. Please keep that in mind when wanting to make a cash purchase. We recommend to organise part of your payment before your arrival and bring it along, then just topping up the rest in New Zealand.

    Please make sure you have the amount in full before arriving at your garage to avoid wasting your time and ours.

    Option 2: credit card (not possible with all partners)
    Visa and MasterCard are both widely accepted in New Zealand and you can use them to purchase your vehicle with us. Check with your bank what your daily as well as your total spending limit is and adjust it accordingly if needed to avoid the embarrassment of your purchase falling through.

    Option 3: bank transaction (recommended)
    This is highly recommended via, since transactions will be instant. The account opening takes only 15 minutes and is free.

    Please make sure that your credit card has been unlocked for usage in New Zealand.

    How much can the actual model deviate from the desired model?

    In general, the partner workshops usually manage to provide a suitable model. However, if there is nothing suitable available on the public market, they may have to resort to a slightly smaller model to ensure that you don't end up completely without a camper upon arrival.

    In that case, of course, you still have the option to decide against the purchase or choose another model (if available) on-site.

    What is the difference between the Medium Camper Basic & Plus?

    Generally, both vehicles mainly differ in size. Models of the Medium Camper Plus category are longer overall, which gives you more storage space and a bigger sleeping area. The lying surface itself can also be converted into a seating area in the Plus model. Although it is not designed for long-term sitting in the camper, it can be helpful on rainy days.

    In addition, by choosing a Medium Camper Plus you’re giving the garage more financial leeway to prepare and modify your vehicle. This usually enhances the quality immensely.

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