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Action needed: Add Partner-ID
It looks like you have not added your Partner-ID. Please find your Partner-ID and add it to the iframe-url.

Otherwise we wont be able to track your bookings.
Action needed: Specify Product
It looks like you have not specified a product for this form. Please specify a product in the the iframe-url.

Otherwise we dont know what form to display here.
You can specify what form to load in the iframe-url. Just find the "product=" part and add a product-type.

Available Products:
- Use product=aupair to get the Aupair-Form
- Use product=bank to get the Bank-Form
- Use product=flight to get the Flight-Form
- Use product=ird to get the Ird-Form
- Use product=presale to get the Presale-Form
- Use product=rental to get the Rental-Form
- Use product=starter to get the Starter-Form
- Use product=visa to get the Visa-Form

Need help with this?
If you have trouble with this step feel free to get in touch and we will help you with it.

Tutorials, Tipps & Tricks?
For Video-Tutorials, Tipps and Tricks please check out our playlist on youtube. Its a good place to get startet.

Something missing?
If there is a product or language-version missing, please let us know and we will implement it for you.